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Our expert real estate
services can help you:

Finance a purchase
  A Pierce appraisal by an experienced, qualified, licensed Pierce professional can establish an objective value for the lender on your property.

Refinance an existing home
  A Pierce appraisal can determine your property's increased value resulting from appreciation and improvements.

Set a sale price
  A Pierce appraisal can help you arrive at your property's true current value.

Remove Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  A Pierce appraisal establishing your home's improved debt/equity ratio can lower your payment by eliminating the need for PMI.

Plan an estate
  A Pierce appraisal prepares for the orderly distribution of inherited assets.

Divide assets in a divorce
  A Pierce appraisal can provide an objective value for distribution of property.

Challenge tax valuations
  A Pierce appraisal offers a firm basis in arguing for a tax reduction on over-valued property.

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